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Cruise in at the Crossroads

June 20, 2020

2nd Annual Car Hood Art Contest

Last year's car hood art contest was so much fun, we decided to make it an annual event! Check out some of the awesome entries from last year below. 


to enter your own amazing hood art, simply download the form fillable rules and registration and send via email, call the shop, or just stop in! Registration is $20 which includes a hood to paint. Email registrations will be sent payment instructions once their entry is received.


We look forward to seeing all the creativity in and around our community.

2nd Car Hood Art Logo.png

Car Hood Art Entries

A few of the entries in 2019's Cruise In at the Crossroads and NCK Free Fair Hood Contest. The contest will be back for 2020, so stay tuned. Click on the pictures for more information about the painting and artist.

Stephens Collision is once again excited to be a sponsor of the 2020 Cruise-in at the Crossroads Car Show! More information about the car show is available at

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Classy Chassis Show

Though she couldn't enter her own contest, Lacey decided she'd paint signage for the show. Hood features a 57 Chevy and Drive In Marquee and garnered a lot of attention at the show.